Tuesday, September 16, 2008


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Monday, September 15, 2008


Chapter 1: Transport
1.1 The Importanceof Having a Transport System in Some Multicellular Organisms
1.2 The Circulatory System
1.3 The Mechanism of Blood Clotting
1.4 The Lymphatic System
1.5 The Role of the Circulatory System in the Body's Defence Mechanism
1.6 Appreciating a Healthy Circulatory System
1.7 The Transport of Substances in Plants
1.8 The Transport of Organic Substances and Water in Plants

Chapter 2: Locomotion and Support
2.1 Support and Locomotion in Human
2.2 Appreciating a Healthy Musculoskeletal System
2.3 Support in Plants

Chapter 3: Coordination and Response
3.1 Coordination and Response
3.2 The Role of the Human Nervous System
3.3 The Role of Hormones in Human
3.4 Homeostasis in Human
3.5 Plant Hormones

Chapter 4: Reproduction and Growth
4.1 Gamete Formation
4.2 The Role of Hormones in Menstrual Cycle
4.3 Early Developement of a Human Zygote
4.4 Appreciating the Contribution of Science and Technology in Human Reproduction
4.5 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
4.6 Growth in Multicellular Organisms
4.7 The Growth Curve
4.8 Primary and Secondary Growth

Chapter 5: Inheritance
5.1 Mendel's Experiment
5.2 Inheritance of Traits in Human
5.3 Genes and Chromosomes

Chapter 6: Variation
6.1 Variation in Organisms
6.2 Causes of Variation
6.3 Respect One Another Despite Variation